Bank of America hit with class action lawsuit over ‘deceptive’ mortgage practices

November 8, 2022

Lender of America has agreed to settle a legal action alleging how the financial institution fooled its customers by manipulating an order of transactions and recharging extreme overdraft charges. Under the regards to the settlement, Banking institution of America are going to pay $410 million to impacted customers. This may not be the very first time the bank has become sued over its overdraft bank of america lawsuit methods in 2011, it compensated $335 million to settle very similar allegations.

The bank of america lawsuit that the banking institution reordered dealings from top to lowest $ amount, no matter what once they actually occurred. This training triggered customers to incur a lot more overdraft charges because it led to a lot more transactions getting processed as overdrafts. For example, if a customer experienced five transactions totaling $100 and was incurred a $35 overdraft charge for each one, their total fees can be $175. Nevertheless, if those very same five dealings had been packaged in change order—from lowest to greatest money amount—the customer would simply be incurred 1 $35 overdraft account cost, to get a complete of $35.

Based on the legal cases, this process was misleading and unfair to consumers mainly because it maximized the level of costs the financial institution could accumulate. In many cases, customers who would have otherwise averted getting charged an overdraft cost had been success with several fees as a result of the bank’s measures. The settlements need Lender of America to reimburse influenced clients and alter its procedures moving forward.


Financial institution of America has consented to settle lawsuits alleging which it misled customers by manipulating an order of dealings and recharging abnormal overdraft service fees. Under the relation to the settlements, the bank will pay an absolute of $745 million to impacted clients. If you feel you may be entitled to a reimbursement, you can check the position of the state on the web. You may also contact customer care at 1-800-934-5600 to find out more.

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